Ottawa Pizza (ect)/ Bread &Sons Bakery

Ottawa Pizza (ect)/ Bread &Sons Bakery
Me and my friend (out-of-town) friend have no clue for this place,
we just passed by Bank St. and saw the sign of the Bakery.
And we decided to stop for coffee and cookies!
As soon as we enter Bread & Sons Bakery,
we changed our mind, and decided to have seats and PIZZA!
I do not know the name of this pizza, but it has tasty tomato sauce,
and cheese/veggies!
We picked a slice of pizza for each of us,
they offer us to warm our pizza at the counter.
Initially, i meant to use fork and knife like a lady,
but whatever!
forget it.
Let me eat my pizza.
 It is thin dough pizza, and I loved it!
And i was not the only one who loved this place!
How come I did not know about this place for so long!!!!
Here’s the link for others’ review.
I tried to bring my better half there to try this pizza together,
but it was closed.
They now offer Fri and Sat night pizza!
195 Bank St., Ottawa
by mangonapple

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